To receive the Russian entry tourist visa, in consular department of Embassy of the Russian Federation it is necessary to provide the following documents:

  • the filled application form (on one person) on receiving a tourist visa (the purpose of visit needs to be specified in the column – Tourism);
  • the valid passport (a completion date not less than 6 months before estimated date of departure from Russia);
  • one opaque black-and-white photo of passport size (three photos for the visas issued on supplementary forms);
  • the documents from the Russian authorized organization (visa support) including:

— confirmation on reception of the foreign tourist;

— tourist voucher.

Important information: the consular fee for the visa is paid in consular department of Embassy of the Russian Federation in the country of receipt of a visa; the amount of collecting differs over the countries and terms of execution of visas. The Russian tourist entry visa is the document of passport size pasted or put in the passport. She contains information on dates of entry into the country and departure from the country, number of your passport, given about the children traveling with you, and visa type. The visa is the entry visa to the country and departure from the country. Loss of the visa or departure from the country after the term of her termination can cause difficulties when passing passport control.

According to the Russian legislation the foreign citizen at hotel accommodation in the territory of the Russian Federation has to be put on migration registration within 24 hours. At placement in hotel it is necessary to show the identity document, the valid visa and the migration card (it is filled with the Guest in the plane/train or when passing passport control). Hotels on the basis of these documents fill out the special form «Notices of Arrival of the Foreign Citizen in the Place of Stay» and carry out all procedure of statement of the Guest on migration registration without his participation. As confirmation of statement of the Guest on migration registration will serve the mark in a detachable part of the form of the notice which is put down by body of migration registration. The hotel is obliged to give a detachable part of the form with a mark of migration body (or her copy) to the Guest within 24 hours after his arrival in hotel. At departure from hotel the original of this part of the notice without fail is given to workers of a rack of placement.

Extension of period of validity of a tourist visa is possible only on condition of force majeur circumstances and also in cases:

  • not transportability of the Guest supported by medical institution the relevant documents of the established sample;
  • impossibility of departure of the Guest from the territory of the Russian Federation at the scheduled time in case of a delay or cancellation of flight.

Only the company which has given you visa support can be engaged in a difficult procedure of extension of a tourist visa.

Important information: visa support for receiving the Russian entry tourist visa in the Russian consulate is provided by the Russian authorized organization. By LLC Noktyurn it is officially accredited at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation as the legal entity having the right to give visa support to foreign citizens. We undertake execution of the invitation (namely: confirmations on reception of the foreign tourist and the tourist voucher), necessary for granting in consulate of the Russian Federation for obtaining the Russian tourist entry visa.

Visa support is given only on condition of accommodation of guests on the basis of the hotels which are carrying out the procedure of statement on migration registration of foreign citizens.

Visa support is given for terms according to the program of stay of guests in the territory of the Russian Federation, but no more than for terms of stay in hotels and terms of moving by passenger transport on the territories of the Russian Federation supported by the relevant travel documents. Rendering visa support is carried out on condition of receiving 100% of an advance payment for all term of placement in the hotels reserved in the territory of the Russian Federation according to the program. At the same time in case in the application sent to the address of LLC Noktyurn in the list of services there is no booking of hotel reservations, visa support isn’t given.

For providing visa support for the purpose of receiving the Russian entry tourist visa to travel agency the following information has to be directed:

  • a tourist route (the visited cities); • a guarantee of payment of the ordered services.
  • names of hotel in each city;
  • accommodation terms;
  • legible (well readable) photocopy of the passport;