Kaliningrad is an amazing city. There are several parts of the City to discover: from soviet time areas to burgher areas, where you can pleasantly walk opening to yourself the past of this wonderful city. You can find unique places here: World Ocean Museum restored Fishing Village and, of course, East Prussian Cathedral with the Grave of that most famous philosopher Immanuil Kant. There are a lot of federal museums and fortifications that you have never seen before.


Svetlogorsk is a fairy tale — city with the special atmosphere. This cozy place with toy-houses and green streets is based On the Baltic Sea, and it gives its guests peace and magic clean air.

The town which was called earlier beautiful German nameRaushen has attracted people in the Middle Ages. About 200 years ago Raushen became the demanded and popular resort and since then hasn’t replaced the profile for that has been nicknamed «the Pearl of Baltic».

Svetlogorsk — the quiet resort, without noisy attractions and impetuous night life. This place is as a hobby, amendments of health, slow walks and lazy search of a piece of amber.


Zelenogradsk is a small cozy city on the coast of the Baltic Sea and it is based in 32 km from Kaliningrad city. This resort place is popular more than two hundred years.

There are certificates that this resort actually the oldest on the Baltic coast: the small fishing small village on this place was in 1252!

In the 13th century Zelenogradsk began literally with inn (tavern), became the fishing small village later. The historical name of the city — Kranz — happens from Prussian «the abrupt seashore». About five centuries ago Kranz remained the place of summer holiday for a small amount of residents of Konigsberg.

In 1844 Kranz has been announced by the Royal resort. Partly thanks to it to the city the branch line Konigsberg Kranz (1885) which considerably has facilitated a way to the city has been built. In 1946 Kranz has been renamed into Zelenogradsk, and in 1998 the city has received the status of the resort of republican value.

Curonian Spit

Curonian Spit — the national park and the sandy peninsula separating the freshwater Curonian Bay from the Baltic Sea. The sandy coast from 400 m wide up to nearly 4 km, has stretched for 98 km from Zelenogradsk of the Kaliningrad region to Klaipeda in Lithuania. The territory of a Spit  belongs to both countries.

For already 200 years CuronianSpit — one of the favorite vacation spots of tourists. They are attracted by long clean sandy beaches on the coast of the Baltic Sea and the unique nature of the area. In the small territory the mobile and fixed sandy dunes, pine and fir forests, birch forests covered with a moss and a lichen of a meadow adjoin.

Amber City (Yantarny)

Amber City— the urban-type settlement, the center of the Amber city district in the Kaliningrad region. Till 1946 he carried the name Palmniken, and one of districts of the settlement was the certain settlement of Krakstepellen — both, since 17 century, were famous for manual extraction of amber. Today here the only amber plant in the world extracting and processing amber in the industrial way is located.

In 19 century “Shtantin Und Becke” firm has begun commercial production and processing of amber here.

Baltic City (Baltiysk)

It is the small town — only 32 thousand population, but all neighboring countries were at war many centuries for Baltiysk, and now there is the biggest Russian base of navy.

Baltiysk was a long time as the closed military city (by the way, for this reason he remained such small), but now there it is quite possible to go there from Kaliningrad.  Take a walk in the military, but nevertheless a seaport, look at almost untouched nature of Vistula Spit or historical sights — owing to defensive value locks and fortresses that all owners of these lands in turn here built, and quite most part from them has remained.

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